You spent your life building your estate, don't give it to the IRS.

Nothing angers a successful individual more than the words "estate tax".  It's the most unfair of all taxes created, it's a penalty on everything you own.  Being successful means that you've been creative in your endeavors - extend that creativity to your estate planning. 

We can develop a unique plan for you utilizing life insurance and other planning tools to help you avoid losing a huge chunk of your estate to taxes.

Why Life Insurance for Estate Planning? 

Life insurance provides you with several tax benefits when used in estate planning.  First, the life insurance death benefit is paid tax free directly to a beneficiary.  Second, premiums paid into the policy help to remove a taxable asset (cash) from your estate, reducing your overall tax burden. 

We use Life Insurance to prepay this tax at a substantially lower tax rate.  By taking advantage of Life Insurance's leveraging power, we're often able to reduce your net tax rate.  

Planning Structure

Everyone's estate is composed differently, so each plan we design will be different.  Some common goals in each plan are: 

  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Use conservative techniques that will stand the test of future legislation
  • Reduce net tax rate
  • Remove taxable assets from estate
  • Simplify the passing of your assets and administration of your estate
  • Minimize the immediate impact on your current   estate
  • Maximize allowable tax exemptions through conservative planning techniques