Businesses Small to Large - Insurance is a Vital Tool

Businesses are as unique as individuals. No two companies have the same needs, goals, or threats.  However, a commonality shared among all businesses is the will to survive and even to prosper.  We can help design an insurance plan that covers the pitfalls and plans for the worst so you can spend your time being the best at what you do.  

 Key Person Insurance

Could your company bear the loss of a key executive or key employee?  Who will lead your company when the CEO retires?  What if your top salesperson or partner becomes permanently disabled? 


Key Person Life & Disability insurance can help recover from the financial loss incurred by one of these events.  Studies show that 1 in 5 businesses actually close as a result of a key person change, and typically at 35% of their perceived value.*   

business sale graph.jpg

Don't be a statistic.  When a business is forced to close due to the loss of a Key Person, it does so at an average of 35% of its perceived value.*

 Business Continuation

This is a business survival tool.  Nearly all small and closely held businesses should have some form of Buy/Sell agreement in place. 

A Buy/Sell agreement, just like a will, should be reviewed and updated periodically.  If it's been over five years since your Buy/Sell was put in place, no doubt the valuation of your business in that agreement is no longer valid. 

Typically, two types of insurance are used in Buy/Sell agreements - Life Insurance & Disability Income Insurance.  Contact us and we'll work with you to taylor a plan.