Why Life Insurance?

Most important things in life are wrapped in potential pitfalls and hazards.  We use insurance to help make sure those important things are protected.  Life Insurance has many unique benefits, but what you'll benefit most from depends on what exactly you're using it for.  

Tax Free Death Benefit

Death benefits are paid tax free directly to your beneficiaries, avoiding both Uncle Sam and probate attorneys.

Tax Deferred Growth

Cash values grow tax deferred.  This means money that you would ordinarily pay in taxes each year continues to earn interest. 

Levered Benefits

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to pay a small amount of premium for a large amount of benefit. 

High Rate of Return

Building on levered benefits - Life Insurance can create a phenomenal Internal rate of return.  This  is what you'd have to earn investing on you own to equal the policy death benefit. 

Estate Protection & Conservation

Life Insurance provides a phenomenal way to protect and conserve one's estate.  The estate tax is the most cruel and unfair tax on the books, it's a tax on everything you own.  Through its tax free death benefit, using life insurance can help alleviate (and sometimes eliminate) that burden.  We can specifically design a plan for your estate.  

Types of Life Insurance